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Homemade Birthday Cakes for People Who Don’t “Do” Icing

My twin boys are turning five next week so today I bought all of the supplies for their cakes. I always make their cakes. I know store-bought cakes are fancy and you can do exciting things like get your photo on top, but for some reason I feel really strongly that I always want to make my kids’ birthday cakes (and I don’t feel strongly about much!). They don’t have to be organic, they don’t even have to be from scratch, but I really, really want to make them myself. The only problem is…I can’t do icing. So how does one fulfill their kids’ ridiculous cake requests without any icing ability? I could take a class (cake decorating is pretty trendy right now and there are lots of classes around Toronto), or I could just use CANDY! Kids love it, it’s easier than icing, it’s delicious and it looks very cute (I think). This year Evan has requested a medieval knight’s castle and James is set on a dinosaur cake. I googled both of these and saw amazing creations. Supermoms have made cakes that were actually in the shape of these things and done up in multi-coloured layers royal icing and handmade details! What the hell is fondant anyway? I promptly shut my laptop and headed to the grocery store to buy marshmallows, chocolate buttons, wine gums, skittles, sprinkles and every kind of green candy I could find (for James’ giganotosaurus, obviously). After the boys’ big day next week I’ll post pics of whatever I come up with. James asked for a lemon cake and Evan asked for “chocolate…I mean vanilla…I mean rainbow…oh, just a layer of each with icing in between” — so wish me luck on that!

In the mean time, I’d like to post some cakes from years past. Aren’t they cute (even if I do say so myself!)? And not fancy at all. So next time you have a family birthday resist the urge to BUY a cake and try making one yourself! I’ve never had a complaint yet. And think of how proud and amazing you’ll feel at your kids’ weddings when all of their birthday pics come up in the slideshow with HOMEMADE cakes in each frame. People will know how much you truly love your children and how you really are “doing it all”. (bah ha ha)

Here’s Noelle’s first birthday cake, some sweet flowers for my sweet little flower:

And here’s Evan’s aquarium cake from last year and James’ complimentary fishy cupcakes (not as impressive as the cake, but they were exactly to James’ specifications):

And then there’s always just cupcakes with sprinkles and fancy candles for babies/toddlers. You can’t go wrong with cupcakes for babies:

P.S. If you are worried about all of the sugar and preservatives in candy, then you can always do what I do — add something super healthy to the batter to cancel out the ill effects of the sugar! Did you know you can’t taste pureed beets in chocolate cake? In fact, they make everything extra moist and they are so healthy that all of the sugar is completely canceled out (right?). Same with flax seed meal! So many omega fatty acids in that stuff that they completely cancel all of those toxic sprinkles. So enjoy! It’s only once a year!

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